The -format “Pink Money”-Club that we created together did not only become an artistic success, but it made us into a collective, something we never said to be ourselves or planed to happen. The -“Pink Money”-Club made others perceive us as such, automatically, repeatedly, naturally - and gave us food for thought about our cosmic coincidental conjunction, constellation and made connections.

“The Club” became somewhat of a pet, with it s own character, needs and own life. In some critics we got it was described and perceived as: “(…)excentric, disturbing, superincumbent, but also exhilarating is this Club(…)” and among other positive reactions, most of the audiences understood  and appreciated very much the “experience gift for spect-actors” we call “Pink Money”-Club that we put into a very queer night scene and share with everyone in it. 

As hard as “Pink Money”’s path of coming into existence was, the more resounding were the receptions of audiences of it. The further we went along together, the stronger, better and more inspirational the journey became for each of us, especially through the intense reactions and feedback. Each individual of the group of six of us lead to changes in the group dynamic, moving from emotional eruptions to more and more intense encounters and the wish for more understanding from and growth with each other. We learned so far from each other that not only our personal evolutions shaped our perceptions of issues we looked at together, but also the socialisation we each went / go through, the colonial history as well as the preceding capitalistic system, as much as the colour of the skin or the incomes we have. Understanding cultural differences through personal relationship shifts small insights - but those lead to big rifts, eruptions of collective and individual pain- bodies. Going so deep with each other in only two years, this is what gives us drive to go and develop on. There is no way that we can continue with a radical self- examination of ourselves just considering how scattered around the globe we are. We are many and what we want is everything - but we would like to start with a continuation of what we started in a safe space and the gift of time to get back together as soon as possible to continue our naturally formed constellation, keep the momentum going and dig deeper into what we suspect is an epic and deep ocean of culminating experiences, heritages which not only gives us first -rate contemporary materials to work with, but make us in combination with each other into explosive TNT.