General :

We aim for a club/disco setting on stage or and in the auditorium.

We ask the theatres/clubs to propose us an adaption of the plans attached in this file .

We ask that the Technical staff and production company inviting us will be able to have an open communication to propose us a doable adaption of the plan close and based on the various plans.


-We request the following light fixtures and positions

Front light on each of the stages (4 platforms in total). -RGBW Led par/movinglight wash above every stage.
If there are no Led or automated lights available we can use 4 par-cans.(MFL) per stage 2 cans with L106 and 2 cans with L 195.

The Auditorium needs to have a couple of movinglights/Led pars (RGBW).
To light the performers and to give a wash over the audience. If there are no automated lights, we request generic fixtures, two colours L 195 and L106. Under the DJ booth and on the bar platform we would like to place an RGBW Par.
We bring 4 UV lights (400w each) that we want to hang in each corner of the space.
Please prepare fix power. All dmx needs to run from FOH.
Please prepare a FOH table (opposite of the dj in the space of 2m x 1m , 120 cm high

We need a Hazer and a Ventilator.

We request the local technical production of the venue to propose fixtures and sufficient technicians that can prepare the
setup ,propose the lights that are in stock of the venue or available threw other means. Propose the positions and patch based and adaptations of the plan. To propose a schedule of the setup time.
We will bring our own light board. Setup time is approx 6 hours.


We request to have in each corner of the space full range speakers Concert/club speakers inspired and placed as it is indicated on the various plans provided in the plans below. We could use the stage PA , but we need to have full range speakers in the back as well. Subwoofers near and under the platforms
We need a monitor speaker on stage.we need minimal 1 wireless microphone and two on cable, 3 wireless microphones is ideal. we need 1aux for the dj and 1 at FOH. We need to have an appointed sound engineer that can prepare the soundboard on FOH and can do the soundcheck.

Stage : (see plan layouts for different versions)

Minimal : 4 Risers of 2m x 2m 80 cm high , 3 or 4 Platforms extra to be placed for seating audience to be determent on site.
The space needs to have a club feeling.
Black molton where needed to cover the space. Please mask/border the space so it feels nicely and full . Its also needed to make the sound dry.
Every platform needs to be accessible from 2 sides. By a little stair or box (black) We need a table of 1m x 1m for the dj booth
we need 1 table on the platform opposite of the dj 2m x 50cm x 90 cm high.(FOH)
before arrival.

We need 3 Pulleys to attach in the rig , from FOH to the platform that is at the right side of FOH.
We need a black wire which gives us the possibility to lower some bananas from FOH , during the show,

On the platform with the bar we need 1 x fix power.


We request 2 Projection screens (3x4m or 4mx6m) The most important one should be behind the DJ. The second has to be opposite of the DJ.
If there is only one projector available we have to do it with one projector. behind the DJ.

Make sure that the projector doesn't light the DJ . The videos will be triggered at FOH , Please prepare A VGA / HDMI cable to FOH .

We request the Local technical crew to prepare and setup the space before arrival and soundcheck.

Summary :

Light :

8 x profile / Pc`s to light the faces on each platform
8 x LED par / moving lights to backlight each stage
8 x moving lights / couple of 4 bars to light the space
1 x hazer
1 x ventilator
2 x RGB par / to be placed on stages DJ and Bar.


4 x speaker (full range) 2/3 x Sub woofer
1 x aux - DJ booth
1 x Aux - FOH , 1 x Monitor DJ
1 x CABLED MICROPHONES 3 x Wireless Microphone .
1 x soundboard on FOH / Equalizer.

Video :

2 x projector
2 x screen 3mx4m (above DJ and 1 x opposite in space behind FOH).

Stage :

4 platforms of 2m x2m 80 cm high , 1 x table 1m x 1m 90 cm high (DJ) 1 x table 2m x 50cm x 100cm high 3 x pulley

Black molton to cover the risers black molton to cover the space black floor step ups for the risers


Pre production crew and proposal adaption of various stages
2 x Light
1 x sound

2 x stagehands